What Services We Offer

Our main activities are the development of new products and technologies for air and waste water teatment and their implementation in practice.
 We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers achieve optimal and cost-effective solutions to their environmental pollution problems. We always use the best available technologies on the market, and we also apply our new products and technologies.

We hawe experience in design and construction of plants for:

  • Wastewater
  • Odor pollution
  • Biogas production

We also have know-how in the production of biopolymers for the treatment of waste water and sludge.

Our wastewater treatment system can combine chemically enhanced primary sedimentation (CEPS) of sewage as the first stage and secondary biological treatments as the secondary treatment. The system can also include acidogenic fermentation of sludge in case of the need to reduce the amount of sludge and produce biogas. Another advantage of such a system is the possibility of achieving a better removal of pollutants. In particular, the removal of traces of emerging chemicals such as drugs, endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

Using our wastewater treatment system has the advantage of treating industrial wastewater such as tanneries, paper mills, food industry, etc.

In the treatment of sludge, water and waste water, when the applicability of current synthetic polymers based on polyacrylamide is limited in ecologically sensitive areas, it is possible to use our biopolymers.

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